Jetpack 2 in the works!

I read this article on about a young lad at the wee age of 16 years old who set out and made a game called Jetpack.  He published and distributed the game on a floppy disc.  Well now my friends, he is all grownz up!  He’s single dad now and he is finally ready to … Continue reading Jetpack 2 in the works!

I’m back*

So, after moving my website to a new server and realizing that i hadnt written anything in a couple years I’m going to write something about games in my next post. For now, I will tell you this, if you come to my website and you post garbage comments, I will just delete them. Turns … Continue reading I’m back*

You must watch this video

Follow the link above and be very amused.  (Pssst! I’m the trumpet player in the video. 😛 )Be sure to visit and Subscribe to the video channel. More videos scheduled to be released in the future.